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Belgian-Latvian business club

Remi Troch
Chairman of the BLBC


Dear BLBC member, dear friend of the BLBC,
The Belgian Luxembourg Latvian Chamber of Commerce (BLBC) has lost one of its founders and believers in exchanging know how between Belgium, Luxembourg and Latvia. Our president, Mr. Remi Troch passed away. As we reflect upon the high standards he espoused, we will continue the BLBC in the same believe. The BLBC board has decided to keep the mandate of the president open and take upcoming decisions in group.
With the BLBC we offered our deepest condolences to the Troch family, his relatives and close friends in their time of mourning. We assure them that Remi left behind offers both inspiration and challenge to continue.
If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email: info@blbc.lv
The board of the BLBC